Having previously used a Tenant Representative and therefore understood the benefits of doing so, Biotronik appointed TRS who they saw as providing a deep understanding of the market, coupled with their reporting systems and consolidated processes.

Biotronik’s tenancy was old and as they had altered their office space by building additional fixtures on an ‘adhoc’ basis. Over time this space became inefficient and was not being utilised to its best capacity. Biotronik wanted a tenancy that reflected their global standard, thus the decision to review was undertaken.

TRS worked through a process with Biotronik and ultimately advised them that the best solution was to stay and refit their existing space.  Biotronik moved out for 10 weeks to a temporary space within the complex and rebuilt a totally new fit out on the same floor plate, building a more effective and efficient work space.

TRS negotiated an above market deal, organised swing space (holding space used temporarily while their existing space was fitted out) which did not incur any charges during this period.


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