Causbrook & Associates

Causbrook & Associates appointed TRS with their lease negotiations, for their independence and market knowledge. This also included TRS’ experience within their current office building.

Causbrook placed importance on obtaining a flexible office space that satisfied both short term and long term requirements. TRS reviewed and defined with Causbrook their office space needs that included space consideration for the future.

After an extensive review of the market, TRS led Causbrook through their consolidated process to uncover the best opportunities for their needs. This resulted in a move to a sublease in the MLC Centre, where Causbrook achieved a short term sublease with a reduction in office space.

200 - 250 SQM

Tenant Advocacy :

  • Space evaluation
  • Market investigation & search
  • Inspection
  • Financial evaluations
  • Property negotiations
  • Financial target exceeded
  • Reduction in Opex
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