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Jirsch Sutherland

As the nationally entrusted tenant representative of Jirsch Sutherland, TRS were directed to act on their behalf in their commercial lease negotiations in Brisbane.   Briefed with a Go project, TRS leveraged its expertise and working relationships in Brisbane to find and locate fitted office space to suit Jirsch’s space needs.

Jirsch Sutherland had a set budget and their brief included space in a new environment for their employees with an open plan structure within a CBD location.

Having looked at options presented by TRS, Jirsch chose to relocate to premises at 12O Edward Street, Brisbane. This provided a better quality building, space of the correct size and a brand new spec fitout which met the needs of the business.  TRS moved quickly to secure the preferred premises and the result provided a cost effective transaction, within budget and savings in overhead costs.

150-200 SQM
Financial Services
  • Tenant Advocacy (6 months)
  • Space evaluation
  • Market investigation & search
  • Inspection
  • Financial evaluations
  • Property negotiations
  • Lease execution for brand new building
  • Financial target exceeded
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