Holiday season is Here! How to Stay Productive at Work

With holiday season upon us, the chaos of Christmas parties, shopping, planning and work, can take a toll on our momentum in the office. Tasks seem to pile up more than they do in any other month, and it can become overwhelming. Here are five of our top productivity tips to maximise your time in the office and minimise the distractions of the Christmas season.

1 Make a plan

Its never too late! Developing a plan to achieve your objectives helps to manage risk and gives direction. Studies have shown that scheduling is a significant determinant of productivity, and helps us to prioritise, plan and effectively complete tasks that we set(1).

2 Micro goals are your best friend

Micro goals turn daunting long-term objectives into achievable day to day tasks. Not only does this slowly but surely get the job done, it also keeps us feeling productive. A sense of accomplishment helps to fuel and motivate more productivity.

3 Avoid multitasking

Some research suggests that work performed while multitasking is significantly lower quality than work completed sequentially(2). Often, tasks might be completed faster, however the calibre of work suffers when attention is not focused on one task at a time. This unfortunately means closing your online shopping tab and getting to work.

4 Work with intention

Working with intention not only increases the amount of work you get done, but also the quality of the work you get done. Implementing a 2-minute rule helps accomplish small goals and prevents procrastination. Any task on your to-do list that can be done in 2 minutes or less should be done right now!

5 Embrace the Christmas madness!

It’s called silly season for a reason, and positivity really does contribute to productivity. Work-life balance is especially important during the holidays, with our attention turning to family and friends. Turning on the Christmas music, putting up some tinsel and embracing the season might be the best way to get through it.





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