5 workplace tips to keep your employees happy

1. Have an open floor plan

Having an open floor plan does not work for every business. Although, it is important to stimulate an enjoyable, approachable working environment. The engagement of employees in the workplace should be a priority for organisations to create a friendly environment within the building. By incorporating private space where employees can focus, it promotes an engaging atmosphere.


2. Have a comfortable workplace

A comfortable workplace does not mean you have to disregard style but the balance of the two can promote an appropriate environment. Employees spend most of their days in the office, so it is important for the workplace to integrate comfortable furniture. There are many furniture options that exhibit both style and comfort, which are beneficial to the workplace.


3. Incorporating plants

Employees spend most of their days in the workplace and tend to be distant from the natural environment. There can be many positive benefits from incorporating greenery in the workplace from helping reduce stress to increasing productivity. Just a touch of greenery here and there in the office can add colour and warmth. This enables the workplace to be more attractive to future employees. In addition, plants can help to reducing background office noise through absorbing sounds.

Credit: Pexels

4. Exposure to natural light

The absence of natural light can be detrimental to employees’ efficiency. With the increasing use of florescent lights and computers, these ‘artificial’ lights can deteriorate eyes, and can result in permanent eye damage. The importance of natural light in the everyday life leads to higher productivity and overall health. It places the importance to mirror this component throughout the workplace.


5. Include creatives

Organisations tend to miss that creative aspect in the workplace. Creative pieces can motivate employees to think more creatively and think differently. A handful of creatives around the office can brighten the workplace, encouraging innovation of ideas throughout the office.

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