Stay or Go – with TRS you make the perfect move

Whatever the best option is for your business, TRS will make sure it’s the best it can be. Below are examples of three very different businesses, and how TRS can help them reach their full potential.

Sometimes moving makes sense, but moving a business and negotiating a direct new lease is a daunting task.

1. Making good with what you’ve got

George is a business owner in South Sydney, he’s been on a 5 year lease with his landlord and his business is going well. He isn’t looking at expanding the size of his business or hiring new staff. Since it isn’t financially sensible, necessary or even desirable to move, TRS would back his decision to stay. But that doesn’t mean George can’t get a better deal. TRS can help negotiate and restructure the terms of George’s new or extended lease, which could include added incentives for staying or opportunities for upgrades to the current location. If George uses TRS, his landlord knows that he is serious about getting the best deal, and that gives George more leverage and more options, to make the most of his lease renewal.

2. Don’t change, just grow

A corporate marketing company has a suite in the Central Business District of Brisbane, and because the business is thriving they are looking at hiring more staff – and that means more offices, more facilities, more car spaces and so much more. TRS can help the marketing company expand within their current location. With expert market knowledge, TRS can tell them how much space they need, and negotiate the terms with the company’s current landlord. With TRS, the marketing company will have the confidence of knowing they have the best deal, without having the disruption of moving locations.

3. New beginnings and a new lease on life

Sometimes moving makes sense, but moving a business and negotiating a direct new lease is a daunting task. Sally is the CFO of a mobile phone company, and she wants a location that will reflect all the wants and needs of her business. As a retail business, Sally needs a location that is close to public transport, she needs a shop front with large open display areas, and a fit-out that is energy efficient. TRS can help her find the right property, at the right price with all the necessary features. With TRS, Sally will have a new location for her business with minimal disruption, on a lease that she can be confident benefits her as the tenant.

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