How Technology and Innovation are Changing Workplace Culture

With fierce competition to secure top talent, companies are seeking creative ideas to inspire work environments for their best employees and to attract and retain the right staff; to motivate, engage and promote employee wellness.

No longer are cubicles squeezed together inside harshly lit, grey-walled offices. The rise of staff wellness and work-life satisfaction has seen the emergence of a new kind of business success. With office design being a constantly evolving landscape, workplace experimentation, innovation and flexibility show a company’s edge over others.2

In the Sydney CBD, innovative office spaces are in high demand. George Street’s upcoming Poly Centre development will feature typical floors replaced with “Air Villages”, providing “a new level of energy, connectivity, harmony and productivity”. These Air Villages incorporate unique design features such as dual floor environments with internal staircases to facilitate integrated teams and easy communication.3

The development project will strive to define the future of hyperconnected buildings, with spaces to encourage human engagement and connectivity. The tower features flexible work spaces to facilitate easy collaboration. A plethora of retail and breakaway areas on the ground allow employees to relax and unwind close by. With everything employees need just a stone throw away, spaces like this will become a destination for work, retail and leisure.  4

New developments such as these are revolutionising the way we see office spaces, placing value on natural light, bespoke fitout solutions and state of the arts amenities.

Experience Driven Spaces

Incorporating functional amenities into the workplace is a growing trend in office design, encouraging employee wellbeing and satisfaction. These might include meditation areas, yoga and fitness studios, espresso bars, theatre and music stages.5 Not only do these promote work life balance, they also encourage face to face interaction resulting in an overall increase in productivity and performance. 6


Consider the constantly changing temperatures of the ‘outside world’, in comparison to the often frigid air conditioning of office buildings. Incorporating innovative technology such as the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Unit into office design provides thermal variability similar to the outside environment, connecting employees to nature and increasing calmness, productivity and wellbeing.7

Nap Pods

No longer considered lazy, napping is actively encouraged in many successful companies including Google and Uber. Sleep specialists have found that rest and rejuvenation throughout the work day increase rather than hinder productivity. Proctor & Gamble incorporate ultra-modern lighting systems in their offices to which regulate sleep hormone melatonin in the afternoon and evening. 8


With 43% of millennials leaving their jobs within 2 years,2 it is the innovative and often prestigious features of a company’s space that contributes to longevity in their roles.

It is important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding your ideal space. Without considering specific business objectives and needs, choosing a space solely based on its prestige comes with warning. This is why seeking expert independent advice from TRS could make all the difference in securing the most appropriate space for your business needs.


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