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With so much to know about successful property leasing, you need an expert who commands respect through knowledge and neutrality – and who will get you the best deal whether you decide to Stay or Go.

TRS defines your requirements, briefs the market, identifies locations, co-ordinates inspections and shortlists buildings to save you time and hassle.

The TRS team tailor an individual strategy to meet the short and long-term objectives of your business, ensuring ‘You save more’ at the conclusion of all negotiations.

Commercial Property Strategy

Across Australia & New Zealand, TRS has negotiated more than 1,8OO commercial office and industrial leases since inception in 2OO1. Our market knowledge and unbiased position of independent strength drives our negotiations harder with an experienced team of industry experts to get you the best rents, terms and incentives.

Commercial Property Negotiations

TRS determines your ideal space solution ensuring this critical cost is controlled with deeper analysis and more options that meet your lease requirements.

TRS understands the costs associated with having too much or too little space, that’s why we help you evaluate a wide range of options.

Space Analysis

TRS conducts exhaustive searches and, thanks to our independence from landlords and agents, offers full disclosure with a true picture of the market. Tenants are guaranteed that TRS covers 1OO% of market availability offering greater choices and more savings.

Market Search / Financial Reporting

TRS is a one-stop shop that saves you more across all your obligations before, during and after your lease. We have represented tenants in excess of 3OO commercial office fit-outs.

With TRS not only is any fit-out expertly managed but you’ll avoid the sting in the tail of having to “make good”.

Fit-Outs & Make Goods

TRS is well-experienced negotiating lease surrenders and in disposing of unwanted properties to fulfill exit plans and/or lease restructures. Dispositions and Surrenders may include:
– Direct exit negotiations
– Break clause negotiations
– Sublease management negotiations
– Option period restructuring negotiations

Exit Strategies
Savings Guarantee

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