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Director Transaction Management

Over 20 years’ industry experience

“TRS enables me to act on behalf of a wide range of Australian businesses, and to empower their negotiations against agents and landlords.”
+61 2 8243 6701

Mark Lockwood

Transaction Manager

6 years’ industry experience

“TRS offers unparalleled service through a truly independent platform. I feel confident knowing we are always acting in our clients best interests, working to save them more”
+61 2 8243 6744

Conor Whiting

Business Development Manager

9 years’ industry experience

“TRS is more than a job, it allows me to make a difference and do extraordinary things for businesses and individuals”
+61 2 8243 6733

Allan Flax

Business Development Manager

4 years’ industry experience

“I strongly believe that TRS achieves client’s goals because of TRS’ true Independence. Clients know that they are getting honest advice which is something that is rare in business today.”

+61 2 8243 6722

Joe Addabbo

Marketing Manager

20 years’ industry experience

“Working at TRS gives me the opportunity to educate tenants on their best option in the market”
+61 2 8243 6799

Sarah Sarkozy

Office Administration Coordinator

14 years’ industry experience

“TRS offer an enjoyable, team driven workplace, where every employee has a stake in the company’s success.”
+61 2 8243 6702

Mine Lowther

Director Transaction Management

15 years’ industry experience

“TRS has a great reputation in the market and we treat our clients with respect. We have the independence to get greater outcomes for our clients. It is a great place to work!”
+61 2 8243 6703


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