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Director Transaction Management

20 years’ industry experience

“TRS enables me to act on behalf of a wide range of Australian businesses, and to empower their negotiations against agents and landlords.”
+61 2 8243 6701

Mark Lockwood

Transaction Manager

5 years’ industry experience

“TRS offers unparalleled service through a truly independent platform. I feel confident knowing we are always acting in our clients best interests, working to save them more”
+61 2 8243 6744

Conor Whiting

Business Development Manager

8 years’ industry experience

“TRS is more than a job, it allows me to make a difference and do extraordinary things for businesses and individuals”
+61 2 8243 6733

Allan Flax

Marketing Manager

20 years’ industry experience

“Working at TRS gives me the opportunity to educate tenants on their best option in the market”
+61 2 8243 6799

Sarah Sarkozy

Office Administration Coordinator

13 years’ industry experience

“TRS offer an enjoyable, team driven workplace, where every employee has a stake in the company’s success.”
+61 2 8243 6702

Mine Lowther

Director Transaction Management

15 years’ industry experience

“TRS has a great reputation in the market and we treat our clients with respect. We have the independence to get greater outcomes for our clients. It is a great place to work!”
+61 2 8243 6700

Kelly Hovorka
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Sydney Office
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Sydney NSW 2000
T. 02 8243 6700

Brisbane Office
Level 54, 111 Eagle St
Brisbane QLD 4000
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